Life’s puzzle – how do the pieces fit together?

It seems our life is made up of unique little pieces of experiences that fit snuggly together, eventually creating a final picture of all we have done and all we have become.  Our favorite pieces are typically those that have smooth shaped edges and sudden bursts of brilliant colors.  These pieces are most likely the first ones we notice when assembling our puzzle because their beauty and fascinating blend of hues are pleasing to the eye and uplifting to the mind.  Our least favorite pieces are those dark oddly shaped ones that seem like they belong in someone else’s puzzle. It is only upon closer inspection that we discover how perfectly they fit among our bright colorful pieces when placed in just the right spot.  If we stand back and focus on the puzzle as a whole we begin to see how these odd pieces provide incredible depth and dimension which actually make our picture more interesting, meaningful, and rich.


Whatever puzzle piece we are currently holding in our hand it belongs to us and someday we will know where it fits in so that we can complete our life’s picture.  It may take just a few days or several years, but eventually we will know exactly where it goes and when placed into its rightful position we will step back and with a sigh of relief finally understand its full meaning and purpose.  Each individual piece, its color, shape, and position in the puzzle, will have perfectly created a most exquisite and beautiful piece of artwork that tells an amazing story.  Our story.

“Do not rush, for God’s secret is patience.  Everything that is meant to be, will come at the designated time.” ~ Leon Brown

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