Life’s Fortune

Tonight I enjoyed the most delicious meal at a local Chinese restaurant. It was a perfect combination of fresh chicken chow mein, fried rice, delicious sweet and sour ribs, and yummy egg fu yung. Though I absolutely love Chinese food, I must confess that it is after dinner that brings me the greatest satisfaction. No, it is not a decadent dessert, or a palate cleansing sorbet, but a traditional crisp fortune cookie with a little serendipitous surprise inside.  In true “post-feast” relaxation I sit back, open my fortune cookie, and with great anticipation unfold a tiny piece of paper that just may hold my entire future in its few choice words.IMAG0275

As I broke open my fortune cookie tonight, thoughts of, “a new opportunity awaits you”, and “good fortune is around the corner”, swirled in my mind as I prepared myself for an amazing prediction of how my future would play out.  Unfolding the little white piece of paper, I repositioned my glasses in order to bring into focus the very fine print of my personal destiny, and pending panacea for life’s challenges.  I knew it was my lucky day!  I took a deep breath and in great calmness slowly read my fortune, “Your life will always be interesting.” I paused and read it again because I was sure I missed something the first time through. “Your life will always be interesting”.  Okay, now wait a minute, what kind of fortune is that and what does it mean? There was no mention of a new opportunity, no good fortune around the corner, just a life that will always be interesting.  I am not sure about you but an “interesting” life to me means one that holds unexpected events, consistent challenging situations, and trying to make do with what is handed you. After my initial disappointment wore off, I took a few minutes to ponder those six words and discovered they actually held a deeper meaning.  Life is always going to be interesting because each day brings with it new challenges, opportunities, and yes, even surprises.  I realized that if my life is going to be rich, meaningful, and fulfilling, then I must respect the power of those six little words found in my fortune cookie, “Your life will always be interesting”.  I have decided that for me an interesting life is a good thing to have. I guess it was my lucky day after all!

“Life is very interesting…in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths.  ~Drew Barrymore

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  1. Short, sweet, and to the point! And, boy, do I know it’s true! “Interesting” is a good way to put it!

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