Power-Up Thought ~ Take The Time

What an incredible last few days. With great joy a grandson arrived in this world and sadly a father-in-law left. Haven’t you found life to be a mixture of the expected and unexpected – the bitter and sweet?

This morning as I was hurrying out to the car I noticed my tiger lilies were in full bloom.  As I opened the car door ready to hop in and head to work, I paused and thought about the importance of taking time to enjoy the moment. Looking back at the tiger lilies I wondered when I would squeeze in a few minutes to stop and visually savor their beautiful deep orange blossoms. How many times would I pass by them allowing a daily routine to subconsciously dictate my every move?  The answer was very clear, so taking a deep breath I closed the car door and walked slowly over to the tiger lilies.  Standing there for just a few minutes I enjoyed their unique velvety blooms which appeared even brighter close up, and then with a smile slipped my phone out of my purse and permanently captured their beauty.

Life is precious and we never know when it will be our turn to leave this existence.  Today is the day to live and enjoy as tomorrow never arrives.  Live in the moment and be spontaneous by taking a few minutes to enjoy something special today, something out of your regular routine.

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry.  And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”  ~Walter Hagen

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