Power-Up Thought ~ Regrets

Many of us experience those negative regrets that end up stealing our precious time by drawing us into our past.  We exist only in the reality of the moment so why re-hash something that is already etched in stone, permanent and unchangeable.  Hindsight is a perfect 20/20 so it is easy to look back in time and think we know exactly what we should have done.  Remember, we are imperfect beings doing the best we can with the knowledge and experience we have thus far accumulated.  Do not be so hard on yourself when questioning choices you have made in the past.  They certainly should not prevent you from living a productive and fulfilling life today.

We often use regrets to excuse ourselves from our current state of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.  It is easy to blame our past choices on the reason we are unable to move forward today and build the future that we desire.  Learn from the past but let go of those choices you feel resulted in negative consequences.  Repeated thoughts of “if only I would have…” or “I really should have…” are not only unproductive but stunt your personal growth and can make life painfully miserable.  It almost seems as if it were a form of self-punishment for not making the choices you believe would have made you happier today.   You took a right turn and maybe in reflection feel you should have taken a left turn.  If you would have made that left turn do you really know for sure it would have made you happier, richer, or smarter today?  You cannot predict the exact outcome of your decisions so stop second-guessing.   If you are finding your current situation in life less than what you desire then don’t spend your time dwelling on the “I should have’s…”

Decide today to change the direction of your life. Do you regret not completing your education or training?  Then begin to create a plan where you can work to finish it. Do you regret breaking off a friendship?  Then seek out a friend that you can build a positive and rewarding relationship with.  Take advantage of what life has to offer and be purposeful when deciding whether to turn right or left.  Redeem yourself from the regrets of past choices by taking charge of your life today and start now to create the future you dream of.

 “If you aren’t in the moment, you are either looking forward to uncertainty,

 or back to pain and regret.”  ~ Jim Carrey

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