Power of Choice

I grew up with a loving mother who knew how to turn negatives into positives, fear into faith, and doubt into belief.  In particular, I distinctly remember her telling me at a young age that people do not “make” you angry rather you “choose” to be angry.  Our response to another person’s behavior was a choice and we could either choose to be mad or choose to respond in a positive and productive way. Though young I definitely felt a power in the realization that I had more control over my life than I thought.

The power of choice allows us to take ownership of our life and is directly related to how effectively we deal with our strengths and weaknesses.  When we blame others for our failures and shortcomings it is our way of saying “it’s not my fault, I can’t help it”.  Do not relinquish your power or sell yourself short when it comes to dealing with others or events out of your control. The power of choice gives you the opportunity to rise above any obstacle or adversity.  You may not be able to control another person’s pithy comments or negative feedback but you do have control over how you respond to them.

As you maneuver through life and come face to face with those who may be challenging you or events you were not expecting, remember to stand strong and be true to yourself.  Exercise your power to choose and respond in a way that will attract all that is positive and good in life.  Begin now to create your own destiny.

 “You and I are essentially infinite choice-makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.”

~ Deepak Chopra

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