Simple Act of Kindness

It is amazing how being the recipient of a simple act of kindness can quickly change a somber mood.  One afternoon I decided to grab a quick drink at the drive thru of a local fast food restaurant.  As I approached the restaurant I prepared to slow down and turn left into the parking lot but found myself yielding to an endless line of cars that appeared to have the same idea.  Slightly irritated I took a deep breath and quickly exhaled making my best attempt to release the bit of tension that was building.  My reaction was rather silly and absolutely unnecessary considering I was experiencing typical small town traffic.  It was early in my lunch hour and I was certainly in no hurry to get back to the office.  Perhaps this was more of a little annoyance that attached itself to the frustrations I had experienced that morning at work. Similar to the idea of the straw that broke the camel’s back my patience was waning under the weight of one more irritation.  Regardless of the reason, I certainly did not have a smile on my face and the deep breath I took was not releasing any of my tension. I was totally focused on getting that ice-cold drink and all those cars were preventing me from my pleasure.


Then an interesting thing happened.  After three oncoming cars turned into the parking lot the fourth one stopped and waved for me to turn in front of her.  What a nice surprise I thought as I pulled into the drive thru giving a nod of thanks.  Looking back in my review mirror I noticed she pulled in directly behind me so now we were both waiting in the same drive thru lane.  I felt a twinge of guilt at my silent grumbling as I thought about this woman who was probably on her lunch break and may have also had a frustrating morning but decided to do something kind. This simple act from a stranger reminded me that there are many kind and thoughtful people in the world today.

How many good deeds go unnoticed in your life?  It is easy to draw ourselves inward and focus solely on our wants and needs which can prevent us from noticing the wonderful things happening around us.  The moment we cease to notice the good we begin to focus on the bad and soon forget that this world and the people in it can be beautiful. Do you want to see the world change for the better?  Want to notice the good around you?  Then ask yourself this question, “Whose life can I touch today with a simple act of kindness?”

 “Be the change you want to see in the world”. ~ Mahatma Ghandi

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