Power-Up Thought ~ Remember Your Heart

How many of us have felt we were destined to do more or be more than we are today?

The heart has a divine connection that communicates truth to us but only when we are prepared to listen.  Many times we make decisions in life that are totally logical and come only from the brain.  While reason is important to successfully maneuver through many life events, listening to our heart and balancing it with the brain creates a synergistic power that can provide guidance, motivation, clarity, and purpose in life.

To accentuate ourselves and expand our talents and gifts it is imperative that we take time to calm our mind and listen to the thoughts and feelings as communicated by our heart.  Whether it’s by prayer, meditation, or exercise we must do what it takes balance our physical self with our spiritual self.  Once we are centered and balanced the golden doors of opportunity will begin to open and we will know exactly which one is the right one for us to walk through.

“The heart has reasons that reason does not understand.”  ~Jacques Benigne Bossuel

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