Power-Up Thought – Pity Parties

We have all experienced them—those times in our life when the pain, anger, and frustration seem so unbearable that we decide to retreat within ourselves and indulge in a little self-pity.   I suppose everyone is entitled to an occasional “pity-party”.  Sometimes spending a little time wallowing in our misery can assist us in releasing those pent-up emotions that have been building up over time creating physical and emotional distress.

For those days you may feel compelled to host a pity party, consider the following rules and hints to help you productively maneuver through and quickly exit your party so you can begin to move forward with your life.

Pity party rules:

#1 – Do not verbally attack others.

#2 – Take responsibility for your actions.

#3 – Realize what you can and cannot control then learn to let it go.

#4 – Do not invite others to your pity party.

#5 – Do not get sucked into someone else’s pity party.

#6 – Pity parties are meant to be short – leave the party as early as possible and shut the door behind you!

Hints on how to leave a pity party early:

#1 – Change your focus by doing, reading, or listening to something uplifting.

#2 – Find a trustworthy individual who will actively listen to you. The purpose is to verbally release it and let it go.  You may decide to look in the mirror and talk to yourself as your own trusted friend.

#3 – Write down what feelings you are experiencing on a piece of paper, then burn it or tear it into little pieces and throw it away.

#4 – Enjoy some casual time with your best friends, dinner, BBQ, movie, hike, etc.

#5 – Physical exercise and healthy foods will provide much-needed strength and energy.

#6 – Schedule time to balance and enrich your spiritual self by taking time in the day to pray or meditate.  Divine assistance always proves fruitful.

 “When no one is joining in on your pity party, maybe its time you left too.” ~Unknown



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